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How to choose the right pneumatic nail gun?

1. Low noise: the air nail gun will make a huge noise when shooting nails, and the decibel is amazing, which will ring through the whole work site, so the regulating valve is more helpful to reduce the construction noise 2. Small rebound force: use the product to install air nails. When the air nails enter the wood smoothly, there is no large rebound force or no elasticity, which indicates that the air force is sufficient, the strength is large, and it is better. 3. Less gas consumption: when nailing, feel whether the air running out of the gun head is perceptive. The loud gas sound indicates more gas consumption. The less gas consumption, the better. 4. The use of pneumatic nail gun is actually dangerous. Before using pneumatic nail gun, be sure to read the operation manual and fully understand the safety matters before using nail gun in the workplace. Do not use oxygen, gas and other flammable and explosive gases as power sources; When repairing or replacing nails, cut off the air supply before operation. Do not point the pneumatic nail gun at yourself or others.
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