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This paper introduces the application of rolling nail in detail

Usage of roll nails: suitable for soft and hard wood, bamboo equipment, general plastics, sanding of earth walls, repairing furniture, packing wooden boxes, etc. It is widely used in construction, decoration, decoration and study. The variety of nails and the use of grain nails: nails without nail heads and without nail marks after being hit. The characteristics are suitable for high-grade decoration industry.

Detailed introduction to the use of cement nails

Among them, cement nails are becoming more and more popular, and there are more and more cement nail manufacturers in the market. What are cement nails? What effect does cement nail have? Let's have a look. What are cement nails? What effect does cement nail have? i see! What are cement nails.

Air drainage nail: the function of air drainage nail

Now we have more contact in life. Most people are not unfamiliar with air exhaust nails. Generally speaking, a large number of air exhaust nails will be needed for use in the decoration industry. If your industry needs this product, you can ask us to order it. We are a professional manufacturer of gun nails. Our products include air exhaust nails, gas nails, straight grain cement nails, continuous firing nails, straight nails, etc

Small nails are widely used to achieve a broad market

Nails are common things in our life. Don't look at such a small nail, it plays a very big role. For example, it can fix furniture. Several boards will be firmly connected through the connection of nails. Clothes can be hung in the wardrobe, books can be placed in the bookcase, etc

Gun nail category

Gun nails include F, t straight nails, 4J, 10J, 12j, 10F, 12F, K, 8N, 9N, Q, Sb, P, 80, 84, 97, 50, 90, 92, 711400, 64, 10 × 8F, 13 / 6, 13 / 8 and other U-shaped code nails, hr-22 buckle nails, C-shaped snap ring nails, M66 clip nails, P515 melon seed nails for picture frame, V-shaped corner nails for picture frame, wave nails for panel, box sealing nails, St, FST cement steel nails, roll nails, etc. We can also customize gun nails with special specifications or materials for you according to different purposes, including galvanized, copper plated, pure copper, stainless steel, medium carbon steel and other materials, It can meet the all-round needs of decoration, furniture, car seat manufacturing, wooden box, wooden tray manufacturing, handicrafts, silk screen printing, packaging and other industries. The equipment category includes flattening machine, cloth glue splicing machine, straight nail forming machine, code nail forming machine, straight nail automatic arranging machine, code nail automatic arranging machine, line plate straightening machine, wire drawing and flattening integrated machine, line plate re splicing machine, plastic rubber wheel, line plate paying off machine, line plate take-up car, line plate electromagnetic heating device, pneumatic feeder and C-shaped nail equipment, Clip code nail equipment and other air nail production machines.
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